As we all know we are living in a decade where we face real challenges to cap with the continous evolution of health diseases and viruses in the healthcare world. It has been a necessity for everyone to take care and maintain his health status. 

With the rise of technology and IoMT ( Internet of Medical Things ) as trending computer science fields, everyone with the knowledge is trying to make use of data and technology to solve the current world problems. 


In CS Week event we are inviting you to come up with your innovative ideas that can make a remarkable change in our world.

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Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Computer Science Enthusiasts.


Mohamed Talaat Harb

Mohamed Talaat Harb

Marc Magdi

Marc Magdi

Alaa Eltohamy

Alaa Eltohamy
Entrepreneurs’ World

Mohammed Adel

Mohammed Adel

Mennatullah Ashraf

Judging Criteria

  • Innovative idea
    20 points
  • Feasibility and applicability
    10 points
  • Pitching skills
    5 points
  • Team Work
    5 points
  • Quality of implementation
    15 Points
  • Prototype
    5 Points
  • Theme relevance
    20 Points
  • Market readiness / Maturity
    20 Points
  • Bonus: Product future vision
    10 Points

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